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Riding a motorcycle is one of my favorite positive physical habits I have. Riding gets me out in the sun, lets me focus on something other than life, and releases those feel-good brain chemicals. I want everyone to experience this feeling. But first, you need to buy a motorcycle!

I remember being anxious when it came to buying a motorcycle. I knew nothing about motorcycles, the financial process, and what was even happening. Knowing a little info beforehand could have saved me some money, time, and any regrets I might have had. I mean, I bought a Harley 1200 as my first bike. I made it work, but I could have chosen something more in line with what I really needed & wanted.

In this book, Matt Allen (Motos With Matt) will take you along the process of buying a motorcycle. This isn't the end all be all manual on buying a motorcycle, but damn, I do know I would have more confidence going into this process if I had this book back then.

Ride Safe, Ride SMART.

36 pages, PDF format, digital download

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