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How To Read The Body Language of Other Vehicles

How To Read The Body Language of Other Vehicles

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with a higher risk of injury or death compared to driving a car. One of the keys to staying safe on a motorcycle is being able to read the body language of vehicles on the road. By paying attention to subtle signals from cars and trucks, you can anticipate potential hazards and take evasive action to avoid accidents.

One of the best indicators of a vehicle's intentions is its wheels. When riding a motorcycle, it's important to watch the front wheels of cars to see which way they are turning. This can help you anticipate a turn or lane change before the car's driver even signals their intention. Additionally, keeping an eye on the back wheels of larger vehicles like trucks and buses can alert you to a potential hazard if the vehicle starts to move or change direction.

Distracted driving is a major problem on the roads today, and it can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Drivers who are distracted may weave within their lanes, or even cross over into other lanes. By watching for cars that are drifting or driving erratically, you can avoid potential collisions before they happen.

Another important signal to watch for is brake lights. Brake lights are a clear indicator that a vehicle is slowing down or coming to a stop. If you see brake lights ahead of you, slow down and prepare to stop. This can be especially important on busy highways or in heavy traffic where sudden stops are common.

Turn signals and hazard lights can also give you a good idea of a vehicle's intentions. If a car is signaling to change lanes, for example, you can adjust your position accordingly to avoid a potential collision. It's important to remember that not all drivers use their signals consistently, so be prepared for unexpected lane changes or turns.

Finally, it's important to trust your instincts when riding a motorcycle. If you have a feeling that a driver is about to do something dangerous, trust that feeling and take evasive action. This might mean changing lanes, slowing down, or even pulling over to the side of the road if necessary. Your safety should always be your top priority when riding a motorcycle, and by paying attention to the body language of vehicles on the road, you can reduce your risk of accidents so you can ride safe, and ride SMART!

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