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How To Begin Training After You've Purchased Your First Bike

How To Begin Training After You've Purchased Your First Bike


For new motorcycle riders, practicing their skills is essential to becoming a safe and confident rider. However, with the inherent risks associated with motorcycle riding, it is important to practice in a structured and controlled environment to ensure safety. Here are three of the best ways for new motorcycle riders to practice their skills and become better riders:

  • Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Motorcycle safety courses, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse, offer a comprehensive and structured way to learn and practice motorcycle riding skills. These courses provide classroom instruction and hands-on training, allowing new riders to develop the fundamental skills needed to ride safely. The course will typically cover topics such as basic motorcycle operation, turning, shifting, and braking, as well as more advanced topics like emergency braking, swerving, and collision avoidance. In addition to the hands-on training, the course also covers important safety concepts such as risk management, rider responsibility, and strategies for managing risk while riding. For those of you who don't have access to an in-person course or cannot afford them, click here to sign up for our self-guided online course and learn everything you would in the classroom!

  • Practice in a Controlled Environment

Practicing in a controlled environment, such as a parking lot or a quiet street, can help new riders build their confidence and develop their skills without the added pressure of navigating traffic. This allows riders to focus on basic skills such as clutch control, braking, and turning. Practicing in a controlled environment also allows riders to experiment with their motorcycle's handling and dynamics, such as braking and turning at different speeds and angles. Doing everything on your own can be a challenge, so we decided to offer cone kits and created a booklet with plenty of drills that you can use to practice all of your fundamentals in one place. Click here if you'd like to fast-track your training with a drill booklet!

  • Ride with Experienced Riders

Riding with more experienced riders can provide new riders with valuable tips and guidance on riding techniques and safety. Additionally, riding in a group can help new riders develop their situational awareness and learn how to ride in a group setting. Experienced riders can also provide guidance on topics such as motorcycle maintenance, gear selection, and safe riding practices. However, it is important for new riders to ride within their limits and not feel pressured to keep up with more experienced riders.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2019, there were 5,014 motorcycle fatalities, which is why it's crucial for new riders to develop their skills and practice in a controlled environment. By taking a motorcycle safety course, practicing in a controlled environment, and riding with experienced riders, new motorcycle riders can develop the skills and confidence needed to ride safely and enjoyably. Remember, practicing safe and effective motorcycle riding is an ongoing process, so never stop learning and practicing. It can be intimidating if you don't know any experienced riders or would like to join a community and don't know how. Join our Discord of over 10,000 like-minded riders to find or create a group in your area and start training! Ride safe, ride SMART!

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