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4 Ways PPE Can Save Your Life on a Motorcycle - MTC Minute

4 Ways PPE Can Save Your Life on a Motorcycle - MTC Minute

4 Ways PPE Can Save Your Life on a Motorcycle

One critical aspect of motorcycle safety is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Here are four ways wearing PPE can help protect you or someone you care about when riding a motorcycle:

  1. Abrasion Mitigation: Avoid Road Rash with the Right Materials - Materials like leather, aramid fibers, or heavy denim can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your skin from abrasions. Aramid fibers are especially recommended, as they provide excellent abrasion resistance and are easier to maintain.
  2. Impact Mitigation: Protect Your Body from Traumatic Injuries - PPE like helmets, back protectors, knee and hip armor, and ankle-high boots can help reduce the risk of impact injuries in motorcycle accidents. These can range from broken bones to lacerated organs and even Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Investing in quality PPE can be the difference between life and death.
  3. Weather Mitigation: Stay Dry and Comfortable in Any Condition - PPE can also protect you from harsh weather conditions. Materials like Gore-Tex and perforated fabrics can keep you dry in the rain and snow while still allowing your body to breathe.
  4. Body Temperature Regulation: Avoid Overheating or Hypothermia - Selecting the appropriate PPE can help regulate your body temperature, preventing issues like heat stress, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke in hot weather, as well as hypothermia in cold weather. Stay comfortable and safe no matter the climate.

Wearing appropriate PPE when riding a motorcycle is crucial for reducing the severity of injuries and potentially saving lives. As a coach, it's your responsibility to educate and encourage riders to invest in high-quality PPE and wear it every time they hit the road. By doing so, you can help ensure the safety and well-being of the motorcycle community.

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  • Thanks for the continued passion in communication of so many life saving techniques and road strategies.
    It is rare to have someone carrying a passion for so many years continue to grow in that passion.
    Please know you are having a positive impact.  As a returning rider (after limited experience and absolutely no formal training) I purchased my dream bike when I found it online at a price I just could not say no to.  I trailerd her home parked her in the garage and went online to find as much information on proper riding techniques as possible. Started with Be the Boss of your Motorcycle, then MC Rider, Moto Jutsu and found your channel soon after.  I watched so much content and for four months the bike sat in the garage then finally in April I insured and registered the 2005 electraglide ultra classic and hit the parking lots.
    As a disabled returning rider I have found myself able to overcome my limitations thanks to a solid understanding of how and why Motorcycles respond thanks to the drills I found watching Be the Boss, Moto Jitsu and DDFM videos. All are easy to follow and develop very good muscle memory and natural reactions.
    After I found Dan Dan the Fireman’s channel the final factor in the riding equation fell into place. I now am setting my sights on your MTC efforts. I hope when I return home from working in Tucson this coming thursday night to have enough funds to sign-up for your offerings.
    Your PLAN your ride strategies have paid off twice in very real ways. Uncommon things in common situations… Wrong way drivers comming right at me two fridays in a row. Thanks Dan you already saved my life twice with your helpful lessons. One by just inches as it was on a single lane road with a median on the left and concrete curb on the right.
    The second one was less dramatic as I had three lanes for escape. In both events my road strategies and being in the proper stage coming out of intersection’s kept me from ending up Red Staged and into a whambulance or a corners van..

    Joe Abrahams

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