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Why I Bought a Harley Sportster, and Why You Should Too.

Back in 2011 I got my first divorce. I was devastated, and relieved! My best bud decided to cheer me up…and talk shit to my face about how I’m a loser. Srs. He didn’t hold back.

He had something I didn’t have. Charisma. And a Harley Sportster. A badass one. Mini apes, Thunder Header exhaust…. Some other cool stuff…

I decided to get myself a Harley. Because, why not? I went to the local dealership and bought myself a 2012 Harley Nightster. Then things went a little crazy.

I rode everywhere. 5k miles in the first month and a half. Bear in mind, I never rode a motorcycle before, and I learned to ride on this bike.

We went out of town all the time. Met so many interesting people. Many more people commented on our bikes. No one does that to sport bikes, especially those people who don’t follow motorcycles.

Then I got bored with the stock Harley Nightster. So, like any normal Harley owner, I bought after market accessories. First I got myself new bars. Some amazing Roland Sands Design clip-on bars. Then came the exhaust, then the speedo relocation kit, then all the farkles.

This is what I love about Harley Davidson motorcycles. Specifically the Sportster. You can do so much! I went from a Nightster to a Cafe Sportster, and more recently, a Sportster Scrambler. People recognize you. You stand out compared to other motorcycles.

25 THOUSAND miles later, I’m still riding around and having fun. Making videos, friends, and experiences.

If you’d like to follow my journey, check out my YouTube channel.

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