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Five Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle, According to an EMT

Max Goldberg from The Drive recently wrote an article titled Five Horrifying Reasons Not to Ride a Motorcycle, According to an EMT. He was trying to convince his friend, Josh Condon, not to get a motorcycle.

While I agree with all of his points, It does sound like he is a little biased towards driving 4 wheel cages. I’ve also been an EMT for nearly a decade, and I’ve also seen my fair share of motor vehicle accidents. Let me help you Mr. Condon. Let me shed some light on this whole, car vs motorcycle dangerous killing thing.

1.“The pavement is a cheese grater” — But, a car can become a crushed soup can

I am not phased by much anymore. Like him, I saw it all in my first year. Since then, rinse and repeat. Motorcycle accidents are pretty brutal, I will echo that. But, so are car accidents. Riders understand there isn't a lot protecting them. It comes with the territory. Wear leathers, textile, mesh, boots, helmets, and all that other cool stuff called “protective gear.”

To take a playful jab at Mr Goldberg, it doesn’t take much to get crushed in a car. Automobile companies today are doing a great job at protecting the occupant, buuuut…it still happens. The glass, metal, airbags, and even the seatbelt can cause permanent damage. More than once, I have held traction on a broken mid-femur fracture. Google that one if you want to see. So yes, pavement will grind you down to nothing, but a steering wheel to the chest at 25mph can still kill you.

2. “Falling down hurts more than you think it does. Seriously. Especially at 65 mph.” — So does getting ejected from a car at 65mph…

See a trend going on here? Roll overs on the interstate suuuuuuuck. Usually no one has their seat belt on (seriously…). That first roll, someone is flying out their window. Second and third, no one is in the vehicle anymore. Falling off your motorcycle is a lot like that. Flying/sliding around till you stop. The great thing about having the appropriate protective gear, is that you can prevent a lot of the injuries involved. Same goes for putting on your seatbelt. Yea. I’m looking at you. For shame.

3. “Cars are extremely heavy, and the people who drive them are oblivious.” — Yea…lots of truth to that

There are idiot drivers. While I ride, it seems like all drivers are idiots. That is just how I ride though, I’m aware. I am paranoid while riding. I pretend everyone is out to kill me. I act like my scared little rescue puppy, I stay away from strange humans. At a red light? I’m off to the side of the car in front of me and I’m constantly looking in my mirrors. Gotta jump and run if a car is coming too fast, right!? Riding around then cars are starting to box me in!? I twist the throttle and get the f*** out of there! No Thanks brah! Point being, Cars are heavy, people who drive them want you dead, but you have the ability to get away safely. Be more aware.

4. “Highway dividers” — ok?

From what I gather, any fixed object will kill you when you crash into it at a high rate of speed. I’ve seen so many fatalities from cars wrapping themselves around telephone poles. I have also seen people smash their head on curbs after dropping their bike at 35mph. No helmet of course. The takeaway here is that you need to be driving/riding at a safe speed you can control. Wear your gear, wear your seatbelt.

5. “Animals are not your friends” — But…but..I love animals…

If you ride, you’ve probably seen that video. Motorcycle vs Dog. I still get sad about it. Anyways, he wrecked, dog insanely hurt/died, and he got hurt. Random things happen on the road. It could be a pot hole, rocks, blown out tire tread, etc. Be more aware. Don’t just look straight ahead. Look around you. Look at that person on the side of the road. Does he want to run across? Hover your brakes and prepare. Notice how this applies to automobiles too?

Motorcycles can be safe. Cars can be safe. With everything in life, you have to make a decision that is right for you. I ride because I love it, not because it is safe. A lot of what was written in The Drive article was pretty obvious.This whole planet wants us dead, but might as well live alittle before we all do…right? With that said, I hope you enjoy your new motorcycle Mr. Condon :D.

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