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5 Crucial Motorcycle Safety Apparel Every Rider Should Wear

Are you a beginner motorcycle rider? Or do you just like being a squid…? Whatever it is, you really need to have some safety gear when you ride. Would you drive a car with no seat-belts, airbags, doors, a roof, or a windshield? Nah brah. You wouldn’t.

Bell Bullitt TT at the Hilltop Mansion, SCMM 2016

1. Helmet — Lets start off at the top. You need a helmet. Your skull is pretty hard, but you have a pretty soft brain. Not to mention a face you might want to keep. My recommendation, at minimum get a 3/4 helmet. Full face is highly preferred. Make sure it is also DOT certified, at minimum.

2. Jacket — Get a quality jacket. Mesh, Textile, Leather, or a mix of quality materials that won’t rip apart when you hit the asphalt. If you can afford it, get more than one jacket. One for the winter, and one for the summer. Make sure it has armor slots too. You can buy armor separately or with the jacket.

Mesh or Leather, just wear something

3. Gloves — Don’t buy any ol’ gloves. Make sure they are actual motorcycle gloves. Cheap leather gloves from Target will not work. Go to a motorcycle store, local or online. Gloves can in fact have armor. Some sport bike gloves have knuckle and palm armor. Get what you are most comfortable with.

4. Pants — Normal jeans will shred like paper. There are many different types to choose from. Just make sure they use abrasion/tear resistant textiles, like Kevlar. As with motorcycle jackets, most pants offer armor slots.

My ICON 1000 Elsinore Boot Review:

5. Boots — Or shoes. Preferably boots though. Protect those ankles. Modern motorcycle boots have hardened areas to prevent crush injuries. Whether you drop the bike or a car swipes you, your ankle is pretty much screwed. Boots will help prevent a lot of the damage. Motorcycle shoes only protect the actual foot. Buying a tall boot isn’t a bad investment considering it will help you walk away from a crash that would normally crush your lower leg.

Have fun riding around on that sweet bike, but be prepared! I just want you all to be safe.

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